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doctorcaligari's Journal

Sarah Roark
1 August
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I still haven't really decided what to be when I grow up. Luckily by the time I put it all together it more or less makes a living.

If you're interested in the details:

I'm a freelancing violinist in the Seattle area, playing with numerous local orchestras and ensembles. I also teach privately (almost goes without saying, I know :-). I have done Irish fiddling and elecric rock violin as well as classical.

I am also published author, due to a long stint as a sla -- I mean freelancer for White Wolf Games. I've worked on a number of projects for Vampire: The Masquerade (Time of Thin Blood, Archons and Templars, Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand and an upcoming release); Dark Ages: Vampire (The Ashen Thief, the new-edition corebook and its accompanying fiction anthology Penance by Firelight, Dark Ages: Inquisitor, and an upcoming release); Mummy: The Resurrection (The Player's Guide); and the fiction department (a short story in the anthology Lucifer's Shadow, as well as the novels Dark Ages: Ravnos and Dark Ages: Tremere, and the middle novella in the Three Shades of Night novella trio).

I have two (very spoiled) cats and a (not quite so spoiled) husband.