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Aug. 21st, 2013

New After Daylight!

Yes, I'm not dead, I'm just juggling social media rather frantically. But over in your favorite vampire-satire webcomic, things continue to go to hell in a handbasket:



Jul. 24th, 2013

After Daylight update!

After Daylight is updated! This week, as a palate-cleanser between chapters, we have some marvelous guest art from Angi Mauri of Devil's Cake (http://devilscake.smackjeeves.com/comics/) and concept art and worldbuilding talk from Yrs. Truly.


Jul. 17th, 2013

New After Daylight!

Happy Wednesday!

In today's After Daylight: When he starts breaking out the historical fonts, you know his ass is serious.


Jun. 12th, 2013

New After Daylight page!

"Good Morning!"
Hey, what are you all diving into your coffins for? That's just the *title* for today's new After Daylight comic page.
Well, okay, I'll grant you -- "Good morning" *isn't* usually a happy phrase for the undead. But you'll soon see why I chose it.

Apr. 10th, 2013

New After Daylight!

In which an elder vampire attempts comedy. Results: mixed.

Modern Nonsense

Stop by if you're so inclined! (And if you give it a share, me wuv you long time!)

Apr. 3rd, 2013

After Daylight update!

You guys better straighten up. Cat's MOM is here. (His vampire mom, natch. In the latest After Daylight. Enjoy and share!)


Feb. 27th, 2013

New After Daylight page!

Zombies bear the brunt of Cat's ire in today's After Daylight:

Feb. 20th, 2013

New After Daylight!

Q. How do you tell a hungry vampire to fuck off? A. Be Extremely Nice.

We Don't Judge (Vampires) Here

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Feb. 13th, 2013

New After Daylight!

In today's After Daylight: Patrick Swayze would be SO proud of these bouncers.


Feb. 6th, 2013

New After Daylight!

Warning: vampire in hipster scarf in today's After Daylight. Will the world forgive?


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